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Audio visual aids

MindTraack's Audio- visual aids are specially designed by experts to deal with specific issues (like insomnia, pain, etc.) and general issues (like health and de-stress). All Cassettes and CDs are available in Hindi and English.

Audio Cassettes and CDs are SELF INSTRUCTIONAL

Investment for each Cassette is Rs 200/- (INR) & Investment for each CD is Rs 300/- (INR)

All AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS are copyrighted and are sole property of MindTraack

de stress audio aidsDe-Stress Audio Aids

1. Relaxation therapy for body and mind : Holistic De-stress Program

  Course Duration: 1/2 hour x 3 weeks


      Repeat after 6 months

TIME: Any time throughout the day preferably in the morning hours.

Self Enhancement \ Self Hypnosis Audio Aids

  Course Duration: 15 mins prior to sleep x 3 week

 For the optimal results write a POSITIVE AFFIRMATIVE STATEMENT in present tense prior to listening audio cassette or cd.

Write this affirmative statement 7 times * 21days

( The auto suggestion for each audio aid is given below their respective names)

List of cassettes and cds

1. Attention And Concentration Enhancement

(Auto suggestion: I am able to concentrate and pay attention to all that I do)

2. Memory Enhancement

(Auto-suggestion: I have good memory)

3. Anxiety Management

(Auto-suggestion: I am free from Anxiety)

4. Smoking Cessation

(Auto-suggestion: I am free from smoking habit)

5. Pain Management

(Auto-suggestion: I am free from pain )

6. Insomnia Management

(Auto-suggestion: I am able to sleep well and get up fresh)

7. Freedom From Worry

(Auto-suggestion I am free from worries)

8. Anger Management

(Auto-suggestion: I am free from anger)

9. Enhancing Self Confidence

(Auto-suggestion: I am confident of myself)

voga vcds also available

Yoga Vcds Also Available

1. Yoga for HEALTH & DE-STRESS: Part I

    Yoga for HEALTH & DE-STRESS: Part II


3. Yoga for WEIGHT LOSS

4. Yoga for ACHES & PAINS

5. Yoga for CHILDREN

Cassettes and CDs are Available at:-

1. Gift Shop- Main Building, Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi.

2. Homeo Care Center-M-65, Greater Kailash-1, Behind Morning Store M-Block Market, New Delhi-48 Phone-51635110, 29239761

3. WHOLE FOODS, 47, Community Center, Capital Trust House, New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

4. MindTraack- 194, Munirka Vihar, New Dehil (9810187344)

5. MindTraack- Gurudwara Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. (9810187344)