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Psychological assessment for students

Psychometric tests measure the student's capacities and potential for school learning or his ability to cope with general intellectual and interpersonal problems.

Educators and Psychologists use psychological tests to determine any specific learning problem that a student is going through and to determine his mental age - the level of understanding and performance that the students have reached. Conducting the Assessment gives the exact picture of the student's limitations or extraordinary skills in comprehending, learning, synchronizing and memorizing information.

Tests once conducted highlight the weak points of students thus giving the educators, teachers and parents areas to concentrate and work on.

mind traack offers psycho diagnostic testsMindTraack offers psycho-diagnostic tests, which includes:

  • Memory Attention and Concentration
  • Aptitude
  • Personality
  • Interpersonal Relations and Adjustments
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • IQ Assessment

MindTraack has specialized group and individual programs that cater to the young mind

A ( i ) Child & Adolescence Guidance

  • School/College problems: Exam Phobia; Adolescence/Teenage problems, Anxiety reduction  
  • Academic Concerns- Attention, Concentration and Memory Enhancement, Stress Reduction
  • Emotional and Interpersonal Concerns
  • Sex Education
  • Career counseling

ii) Management of “Childhood psychiatric disorders

  • Specific learning disability ( SLD)
  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Conduct disorder
  • ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

iii) Parenting Skills

Parents are provided with insight on- what it's like for the child to grow up in today's world. The pressures they are under from peers, media, school, family life and the competitive academic world is brought into consideration.

B) Training modules/ Group Workshops:

MindTraack has worked on several school projects such as “Growing up right”, “Get Active” ,“Academic enhancement” etc. with over 100 schools and 10 Lakhs students all over the country.

List of training modules:

Pre/Primary school children:

  1. Annual child wellness program
  2. Mental gymnasium (for children)
  3. Mind-body stretchers (for children)
  4. Brain Gym ( for children)
  5. Bringing up a dream child ( for parents)
  6. Pathway to a child's future ( for parents)

Senior School Students

  1. Academic Enhancement training
  2. Right track by MindTraack
  3. Stress management module
  4. Eating Right Module
  5. Career mela 
  6. Personality Development
  7. Highlights: Health mela / Diet mela


Middle School Students

  1. Growing up right
  2. Value & moral orientation
  3. Personality Development

For Parents

  1. Positive parenting for Montessori school students
  2. Bringing up a dream child.
  3. Aptitude and career counseling workshop
  4. Stress & Life Style Management Workshop

For Teachers

Teacher Training Module:

  1. Primary school children
  2. Middle school children
  3. Senior School Children


Sensitization workshop to the needs of special children