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The corporate portfolio of MindTraack includes:

•  Training Need Analysis based on SRS (Specific Research Study)

•  Psychometric Analysis

We combine academic excellence with business acumen and experience to bring a unique approach to the field of psychometric testing and assessments.

In this way, we deliver high-quality testing with bottom-line efficiencies. We provide innovative and customized psychometric research and excellence in assessment technology and are proud of our outstanding record for providing the best in valid, reliable, secure, and fair testing.

The key areas of our skills are in accelerating and optimizing the development of key contributors in the organization, building high performance executives who can fulfill the organization's vision, goals and business strategies. The focus is on selecting the right person for the right job at the right time and identifying blind spots in executives, manager and leaders, retooling them and reorienting them to be the contributors they have the potential to be.

Psychometric Analysis can be utilized for :

  • Recruitment Assessment
  • Promotional Assessment
  • Job Analysis
  • Candidate Referencing
  • Surveys
  • Personal Resilience

Group Workshops

1. Corporate Need Analysis

a) Our Health & Fitness Consultants Offer Following-

  • Assessment – An “SRS” will be designed to your organizations needs.
  • Audit – The results of above shall be audited with the concerned department heads. Thus a final module shall be arrived at.
  • Implementation – Above mentioned module shall be implemented through workshops / seminars / health check – ups / demonstrations etc.

health & fitness  Assessment Areas:

  • Corporate Ergonomics
  • Physical Fitness
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Mental Fitness
  • Emotional Fitness
  • Spiritual fitness

b) Life Style Modification:

  • Team of doctors and therapists will conduct screening of health and life style through health checkup camps.
  • Comprehensive Health Scan
    A. Health and Life style assessment.
    B. Health and Life style explanation
    C. Health and Life style prescription.

What we plan to do:

Based upon the assessments and auditing we wish to implement the same and create an “Annual Calendar” for your organization, which will be tailor made to the needs of the organization.

2. Management Development Programm

The workshop will enable participants to :-

  • Understand various roles of executives\managers & list down areas of strength and improvements.
  • Undertake the key to successful communication including verbal and nonverbal communication ;and listening skills (literal and inferential).
  • Analyze leadership styles and develop individual action plan accordingly.
  • Develop an understanding & work towards team building.
  • Appreciate various steps & features while taking up Journey to Excellence.
  • Identify areas for improvements in work area.
  • Learn & practice 5 ‘S' Concepts for Workplace Improvements
  • Prepare individual action plan for continuous self development.
3. Leadership Workshop

  • An Overview
  • Definition Of Leadership
  • Theories Of Leadership
  • The Qualities Approach
  • The Functional Approach
  • Task Needs
  • Individual Needs
  • Group Needs
  • Four Leadership Styles
  • Situational Leadership Model
  • Reflection
  • Life Style Modification

4. Life Style Management Workshop

life style management workshopA) Psychological

1. Stress Screening

A confidential questionnaire would be given to assess the stress levels and the personality profile of each participant.

2. Life Style Screening
A simple questionnaire to assess the eating habits and your physical fitness

B. Life Stylemanagement Workshop

The workshop would be conducted in to 5 focus areas

Session 1
STRESS MANAGEMENT [ To reduce mental tension ]

life stylemanagement workshopMain Objectives

Psycho-education w.r.t. stress i.e.

  • Understanding the meaning to stress and its basis.
  • Identify the source of stress.
  • Insight into the symptoms of stress in oneself.
  • Maintenance of stress diaries.
  • Demonstration of a Progressive Muscular
  • Relaxation Technique.
  • Demonstration of Yoga & Meditation Learning effective coping strategies to manage stress.
  • Focus will be on Time Management/Negotiation Training.
  • Increasing Motivational Level/Anger Control Techniques/Problems Solving Skills/Proactive Behavior Etc.

Session 2

Role of Healthy Eating and Exercise

main Objectives

  • Healthy eating & physical fitness for stress relief & mind control
  • Physical fitness & Eating right to maintain ideal body weight
  • Nutritional tips for common medical ailments

Session 4

Nature CUre Ways to Life Style Modification

  • Practical orientation to Naturopathy for overall well being 
  •  Demonstration of hydro therapy ; mud therapy........
  • Practical orientation to ACUPRESSURE for General Health and Specific ailments

Session 3

Yoga a and Meditation

  • Psycho-education w.r.t. role of Yoga and Meditation for well being
  • Demonstration of Yogic exercises for General health and for specific ailments
  •  Simple and Deep Breathing  Exercises
  • Practical orientation to Meditation and its usefulness in  countering the negativities in life

Session 5

Individual Counseling [optional ]

5. Optimizing your Potential and Stressing

  • Ice breaker exercise: interactive-self introspective game
  • Deriving the definition of stress for oneself
  • Psycho Education with respect to stress
  • Types of stresses
  • Response to stress

Introducing to brain -GYM

  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Stretch
  • Laughing Meditation

Trust Meditation

  • Identifying your personality types with respect to stress( stress game)
  • Kinesiology for emotional management, Special focus on fear, Anger and depression.
  • Individually tailored de-stress mantras based on music, color, nutrition and aroma therapy
  • Yogic kriyas, deep breathing exercise and de-stressing meditation
Motivation and Self growth
  • Assessment of self motivation
  • Positive affirmation
  • Sankalpa setting with individual muscle testing
  • Yoga nidra
  • Review for individual concerns

During the course of the two days, each participant would experience a personal detox and energy balance session.(45 mins each) along with individual counseling

6. Emotional Intelligence Workshop

The Third Eye Workshop

  • Getting in touch with the self
  • Leadership being by leading the self
  • Emotional Regulation by leading the self
  • Managing with Heart
  • Empathy and Relationships
  • Team Work and Productivity

Concluding Note (Other Workshops)

  • Stress Management
  • Positive team building
  • Effective leadership
  • Motivation Enhancement
  • Managing Interpersonal Relationship for Working couples
  • Personality development
  • Personality analysis and enhancement through grapho-therapy
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills Management
  • Health Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Communication Skills Management
  • Health and Hygiene Management
  • Substance Abuse Cessation ( Special focus on smoking, tobacco & alcohol)
  • Reiki and Energy Healing classes and workshops

7. Workshops For Children Of Employees
  1. Academic enhancement
  2. Communication skills training
  3. Personality Development
  4. Theatre and Drama workshop
  5. Aptitude/ Career Counseling
8. Workshop For Ladies / Spouses Of Employees
  1. Vocational Training Workshop - Tie and dye, block printing, candle 'n' flower making etc.
  2. Personality Development - make up, personal grooming etc
  3. Theater and drama workshop
  4. Healthy cooking
  5. Parenting skills Training
  6. Staying Fit - training to become a yoga expert ( imparting training so that the participants can teach a group of people in their community)

Intellifamily : MindTraack organizes family lifestyle management programs which could be a weekend outstation course ( Holiday cum training)

MindTraack's counseling cell is initiated once per week for the benefit of employees 'n' their families where a team of counselors visit the organization for confidential assessment and counseling.

Heading Corporate Trainer is Dr . Bhavna who has successfully conducted workshop with over 100 corporate organizations cross the country

List of Corporates

  • Fiat
  • LG
  • Hero Moto Corp
  • Pritney Bowers
  • ITC
  • Deutche Bank
  • Mc Quarie
  • Coke
  • BHEL
  • NTPC
  • Dabur
  • HCL
  • NIFM
  • Siemens
  • Hughes
  • Reebok
  • VSNL Hewitt

The profile of people that she has worked with include lower to senior level corporate executive; manager and HR Personal. She has also conducted specialized programs on life skills development for the CEO's of organizations.