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Our Team of Psychologists and De Addiction Experts

Team of Psychologists, De Addiction Experts, Psychiatrist and more

1. Dr.Ranveer Singh (Chief Behaviour Modification Therapist & Founder Member MindTraack)

His main area of work lies in the field of behavior modification of clients with Substance abuse and those with chronic and acute organic mental illness. Dr. Ranveer Singh has attained his degree from the California Hypnosis Institute. He is a member of American Hypnosis Association.

  • He successfully runs a holistic detox clinic for substance abuse ( alcohol & narcotics).
  • He is currently heading the Half Way Home for addict and patient with acute psychotic illness.
  • He also certify Family and Maritain Therapist and has benefited hundreds of families and couples.
  • He excels in working with Borderline Patients and diagnosis of BPD.
  • He has benefited clients world over specially from UK, Scotlans, USA, Nepal, Keneya, Zamiba and more from African sub continent.
  • He has designed many successful ongoing drug awareness program for school and college going teenagers.
  • He has conducted various awareness programs & workshops nationally with schools, corporate and psu's.

2. Dr. Bhavna Barmi ( Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist) NIMHANS, Bangalore, India

Founder Member , MindTraack
  • Dr Bhavna Barmi is an internationally acclaimed psychologist. She heads a Stress Clinic & Psychological OPD at the Fortis Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi.
  • She specializes in relationship management and parenting concerns.
  • Dr. Bhavna is a recognized expert in psychometric testing, career & performance development. She has worked with over 100 corporate and is the on panel psychologist for organization like NIIT, CGDA & AAI.
  • Dr. Barmi has also contributed in coordination of the Pan African Indo-Asia project to increase awareness of mental health.
  • She specializes in conducting Stress Management workshops and life style management Programs in India and Overseas.
  • Dr. Barmi has worked with over 100 schools and educational institutions nationally & approx 10 lakh students on modules like living in Balance, Growing up Right, Academic Enhancement, Get Active etc.
3. Dr. Bhaskar (Psychiatrist) MD, DPM, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Dr. Bhaskar is an eminent psychiatrist in India having a vast experience with patients from the neurotic to the psychotic spectrumHe is a member of the Delhi Psychiatry Society and the All India Association of Psychiatrist. He is a chairman of the World Charitable Trust for Mental Health (N.G.O).

4. Ms . Ishi Khosla (Sr. Nutritionist & director Whole Foods)
  • Ishi Khosla holds Masters in Food and Nutrition from Delhi's Lady Irwin College.
  • She has worked as a consultant with Dr. MMS Ahuja, Head of Department Endocrinology at AIIMS and Sita Ram Bharatiya in New Delhi. She also did a stint as a Senior Nutritionist at the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi.
  • Ishi has also authored a book "The Cholesterol Facts" & edits a journal.
  • Ishi Khosla's expertise lies in her counselling therapy, which is not about taboos but giving you the freedom to eat what you want while ensuring that it does not conflict with your system, health and well being.
  • Her expertise is a one-stop reference to address and find long term solutions to health related problems including weight management.
5. Ms. Nipa Das
  • Nipa Das comes from a science background. After graduating with a Joint Honors Degree from King's College, University of London, Nipa pursued a career in Operational Research followed by an international career in teaching (UK, India, Belgium).
  • Thereafter, from a teaching perspective, Nipa has continued to remain interested and involved in education, having presented workshops internationally, from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur, including many countries of Europe.
  • Along the way, Nipa developed an interest in alternative therapies and complimentary medicine in the early 90s and is currently an experienced and recognized international therapist, specializing in a range of therapies suitable for her clients.
  • Her skills and qualifications include Yoga, Reiki/Seichem (Recognized Master/Teacher, GPP), Health Kinesiology (KFRP), SCENAR, NLP/ Hypnosis (smoking-cessation techniques).
  • Alongside these skills, Nipa has also maintained an interest in the more 'scientific' and traditional healing skills, having gained a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC).
  • Nipa has also been a key player in introducing recent techniques such as Brain Gym and other Emotional freedom techniques to her clients and students alike.
  • Having developed such comprehensive qualifications, knowledge and experience in holistic health practices as well as stress management, Nipa's career is now focused on delivering bespoke stress management programmes, both for individuals and corporate clients.
  • Headed by Nipa Mind track has recently acquired the sole license for distribution of the Bio Energy Detox machines for India. These machines will be suitable for the hospitality/leisure/medical/healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.Mind track is also licensed to distribute QXCI and SC ENAR technologies as well as deliver hands-on training for further information about these go to contact us.
6. Ms. Sonia Puar , Clinical Psychologist, Clincal Hypnotherapist, and an Art Based Therapist : Drama Therapist

Takes individual & group session for MindTraack.

7. Ms. Taruna Wadhwa

Ms. Taruna Wadhwa is a practicing Clinical, Child and Corporate Psychologist. She deals with clinical clients and has worked on cognitive behavior therapy and psychoanalysis. She has extensive expertise with corporate executives and has worked on relaxation therapy, auto suggestion, anger, anxiety management, insomnia, pain management.

8. Mr Puneet Jain

Puneet primarily works as energy medicine healer and is proficient in various other alternate therapeutic healing modalities.

9. Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, ( Homeopathic Consultant )

Dr. Rachna is a dynamic and highly successful Homeopathic consultant for all mental health concerns

10. Mr. Hari Yogi ( Yoga therapist)

Mr. Hari Yogi is a meditation and naturopathy expert with experience of over 20 yrs. He specializes in individual yoga sessions with a forte in de-stress, weight management, holistic health, pre & post pregnancy, blood pressure & diabetes management. He is a corporate trainer and has worked with over 20 corporate for in-house & out house workshops.

11. Mr. Avneesh Pandey

Avneesh Pandey is a Physical Fitness trainer and expertises in Movement Therapy especially with psychiatric patients.

12. Ms. Anchal

Anchal is a practicing clinical, child and corporate psychologist. She takes individual and group sessions for both clinically distressed clients and corporate executives.

13. Ms. Roohi

Roohi is a practicing clinical, adolescent and child psychologist and works towards providing novel and innovative psychological interventions for behavioral and emotional distress.

14. Ms. Srishti

Srishti is a practicing Clinical, Adolescent and Geriatric Psychologist. She takes individual and group sessions for dispensing psychological interventions for various mental health issues.

15. Mr. Chinar

Chinar is a practicing Clinical, Geriatric and Corporate Psychologist, who exercises unconditional positive regard and empathy in her sessions. She combines traditional therapies with the latest research and techniques to deliver individualized and effective care.