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Different people on different situations need different kinds of help.

MindTraack using its highly effective solutions focused techniques in getting to the root of each problem and helps people deals with it to get them back on the right track to move forward in life.


Sometimes there are problems that one faces without anyone or even themselves knowing. Perfectly ‘normal' people may sink into a depression, child hood memories and traumas may not go away, relationships and careers may not be smooth and all of this may take its own toll on a person.

Married Couples

Pre marital counseling / Dealing with a difficult spouse or relationship / Dealing in relations outside marriage ( extra marital relation): Marriage is perhaps the most important milestone in a person's life. However, marriage like everything else has become an increasingly complex relationship. Myriad pressures (both internal and external) have the potential to turn marriage into nightmare.

Children And Parents

Like marriages, relationships between parents and children have become more complex than they should be. Communication gap, peer pressure and generation gap can turn the relationship between parents and their children into a cauldron of emotional turmoil.

As a child develops and grows, from a baby to a toddler, the process of socialization and interaction develops too. The child's first primary sources of interaction are parents. Peer influence is the second step towards expanding the social development. Read More

student pressureSchools And Students

In an increasingly competitive world, students from play school onwards are expected to deal with pressures far beyond what they are really equipped for. Often academic pressures can wreak havoc on a student's life scarring them forever.

Students at a young age are faced with tough situation with respect to performance pressures and career management. Often teachers and parent may not be equipped to show their ward the right way through no fault of theirs. Schools and teachers play as important a role in shaping a young mind, as do parents.

Corporate Solutions

An average adult now spends as much (if not more) time in a place of work than at home. Performance anxiety, competition and politics can rob an organizations best people of their performance. Given the nature of work nowadays, it's important for people to be able to gel well together and work as a team. Given today's intense competition, stress, fatigue and exhaustion have become a part of the salary package, of each executive working in this sector.