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Psychologist in Delhi

Relationship Difficulties Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist

Dr. Bhavna Barmi is an internationally acclaimed psychologist. She heads a Stress Clinic & Psychological OPD at the Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi.

Psychological Assessment

Dr. Bhavna is a recognized expert in psychometric testing, career & performance development. She has worked with over 100 corporate and is the on panel psychologist for organization like NIIT, CGDA & AAI.

Dr. Barmi specializes in conducting Stress Management workshops and life style management Programs in India and Overseas. She has worked with over 100 schools and educational institutions nationally & approx 10 lakh students on modules like living in Balance, Growing up Right, Academic Enhancement, Get Active etc.

Psychological Services

Our services include remediation of problems using effective psychological techniques and fundamental for all kinds of Mental Health related issues & problems.

Intensive psychotherapy and counseling involving various psychotherapeutic procedures like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Activity scheduling, Life style training, Relaxation therapy, Respiratory relief, Correspondence training (Behavioral contract), Family therapy, Role reversal & Role play, Psycho education, Anger control therapy, Assertiveness training, Covert Sensitization, Assisted Covert Sensitization, and Group therapy etc.

For children with Behavior Problems; and Individuals with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Headache, Migraine, Marital Counseling, Psychosomatic conditions, unexplained aches/pains/palpitations, Anger Management, Mood Swings, Memory Problems, Stress, and Mental Illness, Emotional Problems, in need of De-addiction, Counseling and Sex Therapy.